Obtain Treatments For Your Current Hay Fever Symptoms But Prepare Annually To Prevent Symptoms

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Obtain Treatments For Your Current Hay Fever Symptoms But Prepare Annually To Prevent Symptoms

8 September 2017
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Hay fever is a miserable allergy problem you encounter just when you're ready to enjoy recreational adventures of summer's great outdoors. Suddenly you can't venture outside due to pollen from grass and trees. Your eyes become uncontrollably flowing with tears. At the same time, you're hit with a continuous fit of uncontrolled sneezing and your eyes are itching. You can prepare a head of time to prevent these issues, but that won't help you now. Address  treatments you can currently obtain from an ENT specialist, like one from Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC, and other sources. You can later learn how to prevent the miserable symptoms from arising at all.

Why Is Hay Fever So Disabling?

All of the irritants that accompany pollen serve to attack the sensitive membranes that line the inner surface of your nose. Pollen also disturbs the inside of your eyelids, and that makes your eyes watery. Grass or tree pollen can also cause your throat to itch. A bad case of hay fever, clinically referred to as allergic rhinitis, may even cause your sinuses to become inflamed. You could suffer lung irritation and asthma symptoms as well.

Treatment Methods

ENT physicians generally order allergy testing for you to determine what exactly is causing your allergic rhinitis. Once the allergens are identified, you are then treated with appropriate weekly allergy shots. Allergy treatment technology brings you more modern and effective treatment methods for this debilitating condition. You can obtain most hay fever treatments directly from your pharmacy, and you will not need a prescription to get the treatments. What are these treatments?

Antihistamine Pills

Antihistamine pills have always been the first go-to medicine for treating hay fever. If antihistamine makes you drowsy, there are over-the-counter tablets labeled as non-drowsy that you can use as a substitute. You now have access to specific eye drops that are made for hay fever, but you are expected to use them regularly to obtain the best results. Talk to your ENT doctor about steroid or sodium nasal sprays that are used as a combined treatment. This treatment method is said to be quite effective when both sprays are used a few weeks ahead of any hay fever symptoms that you would normally experience.

Controlling The Advent Of Hay Fever Symptoms

The first rule to controlling hay fever symptoms is that you should observe and record annually when your symptoms begin to occur. Controlling the environment instead of the environment controlling you is the key to preventing hay fever onset. Knowing your hay fever onset allows you to begin regular treatment at least two weeks ahead of when symptoms would normally begin. Keep recording your hay fever experiences annually, and share the information with your ENT specialist. You'd be surprised how your journal's facts can help to influence your physician's treatment method.