Reasons To Visit An Audiologist In Your Area

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Reasons To Visit An Audiologist In Your Area

4 September 2017
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Hearing is an important sense that we use every day and many of us take for granted. If you have don't have a problem hearing, you can't imagine what it is like to begin to lose your hearing. But many people suffer from some form of hearing loss or other ear related problem every day.

Dealing With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a huge problem among adults. We spend too many hours a day with loud noise going on all around us and most of the time don't think to protect our hearing. The problem is compounded by some level of natural hearing loss as we age but making a trip to the audiologist is a good way to determine how much hearing loss you have and how to treat that loss in some way. Having a hearing test or screening down just takes a few minutes and is completely painless so there is no real reason to put it off anymore.

Earwax Removal and Cleanings

Often you will find an audiologist and an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor working together. They can compliment each other and deal with their own specific areas. In some cases, the audiologist may determine that the hearing loss you have is the result of excessive wax in your ears. While they can clean it out, impacted or large blockages are better handled by the ENT doctor. The cleanings that audiologists do is typically very routine and take just a couple minutes to perform.

Fine-Tuning Your Hearing Aids

Another area that might take you to the audiologist involves fine-tuning your hearing aids to work better for your ears. Hearing aids are not one size fits all, in fact, there are size differences, amplification levels, and styles that you may have. Getting the tuning right on those hearing aids can make the difference between hearing some voices and noise, or hearing well, If your hearing aids are not working as well as they used to, have them checked by an audiologist to determine if they are working properly.

Ringing In Your Ears

The American Tinnitus Association says that nearly 50 million adults in the U..S. suffer from some form of ringing in their ears. The cause of it can be a lot of things but the best way to treat it is to come in and see the audiologist for a full screening. The cause can be as simple as that annoying wax buildup or damage to your ears in other ways. If you have a slight ringing in your ears, are dizzy often, or hear buzzing or clicking sounds in your ear when there is no outside noise, you should make an appointment and find out if your ears are okay or if you need some form of treatment for them. 

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